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About Mt Molson

In 1961 a group of like-minded people started skiing down a hill on Laurentian Drive -- thus the Petawawa Ski Club was born. Today, the Club continues at the same hill on the Petawawa bluffs overlooking the Ottawa River, where over the last 50 years, three generations of skiers have come to call Mt Molson their home hill.

Over the years much has changed. Skis are shorter and no longer have parallel edges, the snowboard has been invented and is embraced at Mt Molson; the infamous tow-rope has been replaced by a Poma lift; and the chicken coop that once served as a warm-up hut, has been replaced by a chalet complete with kitchen and washrooms. Other things, however, remain the way they have for years: a glass of well juice or cup of hot chocolate are still perennial favourites at the canteen.


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