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Frequently Asked Questions


When are Nancy Greene and Paterson races?

Nancy Greene and Paterson races are held most Sundays in January and February. Visit the UOVSZ website for detailed race schedule.


What level of instruction is offered at the Mt Molson Snow School?

For the 2012 season, the Snow School is under the direction of Thain Paterson, CSIA Level II. All adults and teens are being instructed in ski and snowboard classes by CSIA/CASI Level I or II qualified instructors. Kinderski classes are provided by Junior instructors under the directorship of Emily Kathan, CSIA Level I. Junior instructors receive weekly instruction on how to teach, and are strongly encouraged (and financially supported by the PSSC) to prepare for and earn their Level I once they reach the minimum age of 15 years. Instructors interested achieving their Level I attend weekly pre-instructors prep sessions, which are delivered by Level I instructors. For the good of our Club, we encourage our skiers to support the PSSC by becoming instructors as they work their way up through the system.


Where can I buy ski and snowboard helmets at a good price?

Safe Kids Canada and Canadian manufacturer, Seven Star Sports, are pleased to provide low-cost helmets for all sports, including cycling, skiing, snowboarding and hockey. A portion of all sales will go to supporting Safe Kids. Get more info >


Are ski helmets as safe as we think they are?

Listen to this clip from CBC radio weighing various opinions.


Does my boarder need boots and a board, or can he board with regular snow boots?

For the safety of all boarders, it's mandatory that official boards, binding and boarding boots be worn for lessons and recreational boarding. If you have questions about your boarding equipment, check with the Snow School Director.


Can I volunteer at Mt Molson?

INDEED! Volunteers are always welcome. We are looking for youth and adults to help with the following tasks:

  • canteen hosts
  • hill operations and maintenance
  • fundraising
  • special events

It's a great opportunity for high school students to earn volunteer hours.

For information, email or call Susan Chalmers.


Is there a defibulator at Mt Molson?

Yes. Thanks to County of Renfrew Emergency Services.


How can I register for a Private Lesson?

Complete the Private Lesson Registration Form and submit it with payment to the Snow School Director at Mt Molson.


How do I purchase a Season Tow Pass?

Download this Season Tow Pass Registration Form and submit it to the canteen at Mt Molson.